We encourage your responce but remember to behave.... cause there is always work to be done a boat.... 

Happy Little accidents ~:(

So you may have noticed that the site looks a bit differant, ( ohhhh ahhhh wow) and I could say It was just that time to get a fresh look...... But the truth would be that well as I was updating the 2015 schedule I accidently deleated the entire mobile site ...... DOH! Its Saturday of Memorial Day weekend I can't not have a mobile site for the guys! So up to the wee hours and early Sunday morning and pop! here we are. Please bear with me as I tweak and tune the new site, (insert correct all the spelling errors and type-o's) Hope you enjoy please give us feedback and pictures and ....ahh stuff

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The state laws mandate the minimum length of certain fish as well as the maximum amount of fish that can be kept.  

 As always the use or posession of illeagal substances is STRICTLY prohibited and will NOT be tollerated

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