General Information:

      We offer full and half day trips. At Rock Harbor we must sail around the tides schedual, not our own. We provied all bait, tackle, and gear. You provide your own food and beverage. Don't forget your suntan lotion, you can get a tan even on a cloudy day out here. Boat amenities include a bathroom. The mate will clean and fillet any fish you choose to keep. A maximum of 6 passengers are allowed.

Charters and privet tours:

​Full Day - 8hrs

     Our full day trip runs for 8hrs, this includes travel to fishing spots. Please remember on an 8hr trip to bring plenty of water for staying hydrated,  it can get hot and there is no place to pull in. Once the boat leaves the harbor it can not get back in until the tide is in. This also means that if you are late the boat can not get out, "the tide waits for no man", so please be promt.


 Half Day - 4hrs

     Our half day trip is 4 hrs and we would recomend this for families with smaller children. We sail over the high tide. Again this includes travel to fishing spots.

The state laws mandate the minimum length of certain fish as well as the maximum amount of fish that can be kept.  

 As always the use or posession of illeagal substances is STRICTLY prohibited and will NOT be tollerated

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